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Architectural Global Network

Bringing You the National Inventory of Architectural Salvage

Open the Doorway to the right and all of the Nation’s Original Salvaged Buildings and Antique Building Materials available today are yours, courtesy of the Architectural Global Network.

We are the only comprehensive salvage source in the world.
We make it easy for you.

You no longer have to comb through hundreds of Websites.
Just a whisper: Many of these artifacts don’t appear on any Websites, ever. Just this one.

We are a National Living Library of Architectural Salvage Inventory and Artists. There are hundreds of Heritage Buildings and Architectural Antiques for you to see.
You won’t be able to see it all in one go.
Bookmark us.

Your Doorway to the National Salvage Inventory
Your “Go To Source” Library

Architectural Global Network is the Central Communications Source for a National Network of Professionals and their Treasures. When you are in touch with AGN, you are in direct touch with the millions and millions of buildings and artifacts that are stored in salvage yards and warehouses all over the country and the professionals who are currently rescuing, safeguarding and reconstructing them. They have mastered the techniques to handle these original artifacts expertly. These artists have the visionary skills to resurrect them into new design futures.

Join the Architectural Global Network as you take your place as a Steward of Architectural Heritage

  As you build your relationship with us, we’ll take care of these questions for you:
        Where do I find Craftsmen experienced in working with Salvage Buildings and Materials?
        What’s happening on the National and International Scenes?
        How do I design and work with these materials?
        How do I find what I’m looking for?
        How do I know what I’m looking for?
        Why are all these antique buildings available?

  One phone call supports you on your path to Stewardship.


Glorious Resurrection
Our mission is to move our Nation’s Architectural Heritage away from the
bulldozer and the landfill and into the safety of your exceptional project.

We snap endangered Heritage Buildings and their components
away from destruction so that they can be saved and recreated
as tightly to their original majesty and optimal future as possible.

We want them never to be endangered again.

Join us! 
With the strength of the Network behind us,
AGN can source practically anything or anyone
in the Architectural Salvage world for you.

We are doing soulful work.
We invite you to join us.
It’s glorious.

There’s a lot to save.

The National Inventory
of Architectural Salvage Buildings and Building Materials
is brought to you courtesy of the Architectural Global Network
AGN is steadily growing international.
Here is the Clickable Inventory Library for you to see.


Architectural Global Network

The National “Go To Source”

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610-247-1253 - Cell
888-807-1842 - Toll Free

AGN is going Global



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